We can support you with a range of psychology services.

Our psychologists offer expert counselling for a wide range of normal personal issues and clinical problems.
We also provide child and adult assessment to assist with diagnosis and planning.
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How does talking to a stranger help with my personal problems?

The first meeting with one of our psychologists is always unique. There is no formula.

We match what you present, gradual or fast, hesitant or full on. We aim to achieve a practical outcome on each visit.

It is ok (and we encourage it) to ask questions of your psychologist before or at your first meeting.

Feel free to phone us on 8357 1800 and check us out.

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Why is assessment useful?

It is a structured way of making sense of your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and abilities to assist with making informed life choices that are right for you.

These can be vocational, appropriate placement, remedial and treatment, or developmental choices to name but a few.

Speak to one of our psychologists about our range of available assessments.

For more information, contact us or phone us on 8357 1800.

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