Have you ever wondered whether you have short changed yourself and whether there is the potential to profit from further training or educational opportunities?

Are you unhappy in your current work and wanting to have some input to assist in making changes?

A comprehensive assessment will allow you to make informed decisions about your future.

openI’m no genius but I now am confident that I can improve my job choices by successfully studying at the tertiary level.close
openBefore now I had never really thought about options and had only moved from job to job when I became bored. I now have a plan.close


The types of psychological assessments that we offer for adults include:

  • Cognitive (psychometric) assessment, including IQ

  • Vocational/career assessments

Cognitive (psychometric) assessment, including IQ

Cognitive assessment can benefit individuals of any age, in particular when:

  • There is a concern that memory and concentration are not as sharp or attuned as previously
  • Where the individual is considering a change in career direction
  • A return to study or an unexplained drop in work performance

An assessment can help to keep options open and identify multiple pathways and building confidence and self-esteem. It can also assist in identifying whether other professionals or interventions are required.

Vocational/career assessments

Many people experience a lack of satisfaction and enjoyment in their jobs. A sense of job dissatisfaction generally results from there being a poor fit between an individual’s abilities, interests, values, work preferences, and/or personality characteristics, and the particular work role and work environment that the individual is working within.

To assist people in being able to identify ‘better fit’ career pathways, we conduct comprehensive vocational assessments, which take into account the various aspects outlined above using specialist and validated psychological tests and questionnaires. As part the assessment process individuals are provided with a detailed assessment report, containing practical recommendations, which are explained in a face-to-face feedback session.