Are you forgetting things?

Do the names for things seem just out of your reach at times?

Are you worried about the future and how well your brain will work? The science of neuroplasticity has provided a new way to look at both maintaining and improving brain functioning.

Finding your current status is just the beginning.

openI was right in that my mental processing was beginning to slow down. I now have strategies to return to my former sharp thinking.close
openThrough my assessment I was referred back to my doctor who diagnosed sleep apnoea. With treatment I am now regaining my confidence in tackling everyday situations and engaging in better problem solving.close


Cognitive (psychometric) assessment (including IQ) can benefit individuals of any age, in particular when:

  • There is a concern that memory and concentration are not as sharp or attuned as previously
  • Where the individual is considering a change in life direction
  • There is an unexplained change in behaviour in the absence of symptoms of other clinical conditions such as anxiety or depression

An assessment can help to build confidence and self-esteem and can also assist in identifying whether other professionals or interventions are required.